First Test- Protector of the small quarter, by Tamora Pierce

I was not sure what I was going to think of this book, I have not read many books about people becoming Knights, but I really liked it. Most of the time I didn’t feel like our main character Kel, was a 10 year old girl. I do think there was one sentence that really summed it up, “I think you are the oldest 10 year old I know” this was said by the oldest 1st year page Neil, who is also Kel’s sponsor. Neil spent years at court and was training to be a healer but decided to become a Knight, he is a odd sort of guy but was allowed to be Kel’s sponsor because of his age and time in court. Kel is the only girl and the first since a girl was allowed to try to be a knight. None of the older boys really want her there, so she has a lot to deal with. Kel is a fiery 10 year old who’s biggest dream is to be a knight. She is really good with animals and I find that interesting,  am excited to start the next book.


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader and first time mom. I have two blogs one with book reviews and one on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom. I have not posted a book review in a while as I have not been reading as much recently. I will try and get back to it soon.

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