Page (Protector of the Small Quartet 2)

Like the first book, this is a continuation of Kel’s journey to become a Knight. This book encompasses the next three years as a Page, I really liked that the author did this, as there are many things that would repeat in 4 years of training that just gets harder with each year.

I think Kel really comes into herself in the book, she is more determined to stop the drastic hazing and has help. A dog, Jump, adopts her and adds to the menagerie of birds that already hang around with her. I didn’t love what happened to Kel at the end of this book, but I understand. I am so hooked on this series, I have purchased all of them and I feel like this is a book I could recommend to a young reader, and it will probably be one I read to my kids when I have kids.


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader and first time mom. I have two blogs one with book reviews and one on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom. I have not posted a book review in a while as I have not been reading as much recently. I will try and get back to it soon.

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