Shades of Earth

This book continued with lies and mysteries and some fears where realized, but I think Elder did a decent job of standing up for himself when the other “lead” is Amy’s dad, and as such old enough to be Elders dad. Amy’s dad is also in the military and more accustomed to giving orders and having them followed. This book mainly deals with figuring out a new planet and the mysteries of what is out there… Orion ends up helping them, but it is tough, the biggest problem is the current inhabitants… The end left me feeling like … THAT’S IT!!! I hate when there is minimal conclusion for characters, the major conflict might have been resolved but I feel like there could be so much more to conclude the characters. I would love another chapter or two just describing the next few months of their lives, that could still leave room for a spin off it the author wants one, but would give a little closure.


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader and first time mom. I have two blogs one with book reviews and one on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom. I have not posted a book review in a while as I have not been reading as much recently. I will try and get back to it soon.

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