Shatter me

I was not sure what to think when I started this book, I read this with a goodreads group and a friend has said people either love it or hate it. it was a quick read, but I can’t say that I loved this book, though I didn’t really hate it either. The concept of not being able to touch is not a new one, but this books seems more about the people. It is a dystopian but I didn’t think about that much as I read, it felt like an after thought to Juliette’s ability. I had an issue with the repetition of lines with no punctuation, the repeptition was bad enough and the lack of punctuation made it worse for me. The strike threw didn’t bother me as much becasue I think the reader needed to know what she was really thinking and this was an interesting way of doing it.

I am interested in where this is going to go from here, I am not sure if I will get more of the world or if it will stick with the strange people… only time will tell


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader looking to share my opinions about the books I read, as well as have conversations about these books

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