Squire (protector of the small quartet #3)

Kel has persevered yet again, she has made it to being a squire and she continues to assert herself. I am happy that again the author has put all 4 years as a squire into 1 book, this really helps move the books along. I really enjoyed that you got to see the concern of her friends in the castle as Knights were taking their squires and Kel was not being looked at. Though her assignment may have come about in a way that may seem unfair I really think that it was the fit that Kel needed.

Kel is being groomed to become a leader and to make the decisions that are sometimes very hard. She has such a connection to animals in this book and they help her so much along the way. This book puts Kel in amazing adventures,  mundane tasks and everything in between; and as always done with the flair of Kel the protector.

I am excited for the last book, though I am sure it will never be enough. With all this books teaches I cannot wait to share it one day with my children. (although I don’t have any yet and it will be a little while before I even try).


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader and first time mom. I have two blogs one with book reviews and one on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom. I have not posted a book review in a while as I have not been reading as much recently. I will try and get back to it soon.

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