Unravel Me

This book was sometimes confusing, with the development of talents and really trying to find out who or in some cases what you are is not an easy thing for a young adult. Both Juliette and Adam move into the compound where the resistance is in full swing. Juliette is there to try and learn how to control her power, as right now she is afraid to touch anyone, she is being told that it is something that she can control but all of her experience says otherwise.

By secluding herself she is only making things worse but as she has just gotten some glimmer of hope at a happy life with Adam it seems things are being pushed on her and without her knowing Adam is being tested as they believe it is some sort of power that allows him to touch Juliette, but even this is starting to wear off and Adam is pushing himself to learn so he doesn’t loose Juliette but as he is staying away from her as he pushes himself his plan seems to be backfiring.

We learn a bit more about Warner and his father, but mostly this is about the rebellion. I am not sure if how I am feeling about this series right now but I am intrigued enough to finish the series.


Author: pfury13

I am an avid reader and first time mom. I have two blogs one with book reviews and one on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom. I have not posted a book review in a while as I have not been reading as much recently. I will try and get back to it soon.

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