Ignite Me

The conclusion to this series was full of passion, intrigue and fighting. Adam does’t seem to think much before he acts and does not listen very well to the people around him. Though he is basically the leader of his little group everyone has their own opinion and does not blindly follow him. we learn a lot about Warner  who’s real name is Adam. Juliette seems to be very reserved and self-conscious but she does come into herself before the book is threw.

I have to admit I was really surprised because there was a battle but it was over so quickly it didn’t really feel like the battle I was expecting. The book had a good conclusion but i think that there could definitely be a spin off series. Things could go either way with this world after the conclusion of this book, and that leaves me wanting a little more information.


Unravel Me

This book was sometimes confusing, with the development of talents and really trying to find out who or in some cases what you are is not an easy thing for a young adult. Both Juliette and Adam move into the compound where the resistance is in full swing. Juliette is there to try and learn how to control her power, as right now she is afraid to touch anyone, she is being told that it is something that she can control but all of her experience says otherwise.

By secluding herself she is only making things worse but as she has just gotten some glimmer of hope at a happy life with Adam it seems things are being pushed on her and without her knowing Adam is being tested as they believe it is some sort of power that allows him to touch Juliette, but even this is starting to wear off and Adam is pushing himself to learn so he doesn’t loose Juliette but as he is staying away from her as he pushes himself his plan seems to be backfiring.

We learn a bit more about Warner and his father, but mostly this is about the rebellion. I am not sure if how I am feeling about this series right now but I am intrigued enough to finish the series.

Squire (protector of the small quartet #3)

Kel has persevered yet again, she has made it to being a squire and she continues to assert herself. I am happy that again the author has put all 4 years as a squire into 1 book, this really helps move the books along. I really enjoyed that you got to see the concern of her friends in the castle as Knights were taking their squires and Kel was not being looked at. Though her assignment may have come about in a way that may seem unfair I really think that it was the fit that Kel needed.

Kel is being groomed to become a leader and to make the decisions that are sometimes very hard. She has such a connection to animals in this book and they help her so much along the way. This book puts Kel in amazing adventures,  mundane tasks and everything in between; and as always done with the flair of Kel the protector.

I am excited for the last book, though I am sure it will never be enough. With all this books teaches I cannot wait to share it one day with my children. (although I don’t have any yet and it will be a little while before I even try).

Shatter me

I was not sure what to think when I started this book, I read this with a goodreads group and a friend has said people either love it or hate it. it was a quick read, but I can’t say that I loved this book, though I didn’t really hate it either. The concept of not being able to touch is not a new one, but this books seems more about the people. It is a dystopian but I didn’t think about that much as I read, it felt like an after thought to Juliette’s ability. I had an issue with the repetition of lines with no punctuation, the repeptition was bad enough and the lack of punctuation made it worse for me. The strike threw didn’t bother me as much becasue I think the reader needed to know what she was really thinking and this was an interesting way of doing it.

I am interested in where this is going to go from here, I am not sure if I will get more of the world or if it will stick with the strange people… only time will tell

Shades of Earth

This book continued with lies and mysteries and some fears where realized, but I think Elder did a decent job of standing up for himself when the other “lead” is Amy’s dad, and as such old enough to be Elders dad. Amy’s dad is also in the military and more accustomed to giving orders and having them followed. This book mainly deals with figuring out a new planet and the mysteries of what is out there… Orion ends up helping them, but it is tough, the biggest problem is the current inhabitants… The end left me feeling like … THAT’S IT!!! I hate when there is minimal conclusion for characters, the major conflict might have been resolved but I feel like there could be so much more to conclude the characters. I would love another chapter or two just describing the next few months of their lives, that could still leave room for a spin off it the author wants one, but would give a little closure.

A million Suns

With Elder being in charge and not having gotten the education he should have from Eldest, this book is based on a bit of chaos. Elder has changed the way of life on Godspeed and he is sick of all the lies… with that I agree, but I feel bad that it is so hard for him. He gave his people freedom and options, but since they where so repressed, it backfired a bit. I am really happy some truth came out in this book and I am not sure how I fell about Orion, but I think he has good reason to be the way he is. At the end I was curious to know what happened next, but I can’t say that I would pass this book on to others, I just don’t think it is that great.

The Unnaturalists (The Unnaturalists #1) by Tiffany Trent

I had a really hard time getting into this book, for a book that was only 308 pages it took me 4 days to read (To put in prospective I read 311 pages from 1pm to 10pm last night, that is fairly normal for me). I had thought that I would real like the book, I liked the synopsis and I like reading about weird creatures, but somehow this book put me to sleep more nights than kept me awake reading. It picked up a bit around the halfway point, things started happening, Vespa was forced into working for an upper town girl and using magic help her marry into a very wealthy man. This turned out bad for Vespa, but just as all this happened we got to the Climax of the book and the resolve, that wasn’t terrible but when it was over, the book just kind of ended. I felt like if they had shortened the beginning of this book there could have been more of a character resolve. I might try and read the other books in the series just to see if this was a first book slump, a set up for more to come, it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.